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AGBIS Consulting Services

Revenue Growth and Diversification

Growing and diversifying revenue is more difficult than simply cutting costs; it requires an element of operational execution that can challenge even skilled leaders and administrators. AGBIS’s expert consulting team can help your institution identify revenue growth and diversification opportunities and implement new strategies and initiatives. Using our proven method (diagnostics, exploration, and implementation), AGBIS will help you align your institutional mission and strengths with new financial models to increase prosperity.

Affiliations, Partnerships, and Mergers

Exploring long-term strategic opportunities, such as partnerships, affiliations, and even merges can critical to the fiscal health of an institution.  Our consulting service can help your institution streamline its operating model and create and implement a proactive “buy” or “sell” strategy.  We will assess your institution’s unique situation and needs, as well as capacity to leverage an affiliation, operating agreement, or full merger with other organizations, while maintaining your unique strengths and mission.

Cost Containment and Realignment

Cutting costs is rarely a successful method of ensuring fiscal sustainability by itself. AGBIS emphasizes strategic cost cutting or reductions coupled with the development of revenue growth initiatives, since the best way to lower costs is to grow revenue. Our cost containment review service examines current operational practices, academic programs, personnel, and business services, and is designed to move an institution from a reactionary business model to a strategic one. Among other things, we will examine current cost allocations and expenditures, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement initiatives and strategies to enhance efficiency.

Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)

Our public-private partnership (P3) advisory service unlocks the value of campus properties, generates revenue, and creates attractive facilities via off-balance sheet transactions. Our P3 service assists institutions as they conceptualize, design, build, and manage new real estate; our consultants stand ready to help you identify opportunities, develop RFPs, select the best partner, and engage in contract negotiations.

Transformative Fundraising

Transformative fundraising focuses on top-of-the-pyramid philanthropy—the top 2% of donors capable of making institutional and life-changing donations. AGBIS provides assistance to institutions to identify their institutional giving needs and create aspirational ideas that can connect with this donor base. Our experts focus on feasibility and short and long-term impacts, while also addressing issues like transformative planning, marketing to this unique donor group, dormant investment opportunities, and building the case for support to achieve fundraising success.

New Delivery Models and Technology

Leveraging technology can provide institutions with an opportunity to lower costs and diversify revenue. Our new educational delivery model and technology consulting service helps our partners evaluate their current systems, identify new opportunities and creative solutions, and implement new initiatives to enhance their competitive position in the digital era.