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Transformative Fundraising: From Dormant Opportunities to Multi-Million Dollar Gifts

Jim Lanier, Senior Consultant, AGB Institutional Strategies

It is critical to realize that part of the paradigm shift in today's "giving" climate is that the top two percent of investors rarely contribute large sums of resources into short-term survival tactics or institutional needs.  Instead, they tend to invest in solutions and long-term ideas---those promising to solve complex problems---that align with their aspirations. 

It is imperative to complete a thorough self-assessment to identify dormant investment opportunities that can generate multi-million dollar gifts when aligned with other high-impact strategies.  In our experience, many colleges secured multi-million dollar gifts that were not even on their radar twelve months prior.  Often, these gifts resulted from the concerted efforts of the leadership and institutional advancement teams to identify new gift-giving opportunities, or existing opportunities that had been overlooked or poorly conceptualized in the past.  

Working with AGB Institutional Strategies could help your institution focus on this unique market segment. We help our members concentrate on the specialized gift initiatives that have transformative potential for colleges or universities, provide life-changing possibilities for beneficiaries, bring a sense of fulfillment to investors.  For more information, call 202-776-0868, or email