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Small Rural College

Declining enrollment for five straight years set the stage for this assignment. Our consultant immediately went to work developing innovative strategies that would help stem the enrollment decline and stabilize the operating environment of this small rural institution.

After discovery sessions, several new ideas were identified which could be implemented immediately, without relying upon external investment. These included a new vertical marketing alignment for student recruiting; bolstering service, speed, and the use of big data into the enrollment process; and a reconfiguration of institutional pricing and discounting. Another long-term strategy included a plan to attract an additional demographic of students though a unique marketing strategy.

The process included implementation of the recommendations and then intensive monitoring and weekly measurement of the entire admissions process, including specific enrollment activities and objectives.

As a result, enrollment increased more than 33 percent over the next two years. Financial stability was reestablished at the institution, and employees were elated. They received their first pay raises in more than three years.

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