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State System

Declining state funding and decreasing revenue prompted this state system to reassess its overall business model. A series of cost cutting initiatives provided some short-term relief for its diverse and independent campuses, but those measures did little to promote new revenue growth and sustainability. Furthermore, tuition increases were not considered a viable long-term, revenue-positive strategy.

AGB Institutional Strategies was hired to diagnose problems and deliver innovative solutions.

A series of collaborative discovery sessions and innovation charrettes were devised for each of the individual campuses. The ultimate goal was to provide long-range operating plans that focused on sustainable revenue growth and long-term business stability.

After a thorough period of discovery, AGB Institutional Strategies consultants focused on generating new revenue by considering the macro trends shaping higher education and aligning institutional strength and mission. Through the discovery process, opportunities were identified for collaboration between campuses to deliver programs and blended academic offerings between schools. Consultants also investigated the possibility of system-wide IT and accounting services to reduce the administrative load and financial burden on each campus.

Final recommendations are set to be implemented over a two to three-year period.

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