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Service Areas

Revenue Growth and Diversification

Revenue growth and diversification has not typically been part of higher education’s response to budget challenges. Growing and diversifying is more difficult than cutting expenses and requires an element of operational execution that can be a challenge. Using a proven three-phase methodology (diagnostics, exploration, and implementation), AGBIS identifies revenue-generating concepts and building blocks that align institutional mission and strength with new financial models for prosperity.

Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)

Our public-private partnership (P3) advisory service unlocks the value of campus properties, generates revenue, and creates attractive facilities via off-balance sheet transactions. By aligning institutions with private developers, our P3 service assists our members as they conceptualize, design, build, and manage new real estate. Over six to twelve months, our consultants identify potential projects, develop RFPs, recruit developer bids, select the best partner, and support contract negotiations.

Mergers and Consolidations

Mergers and consolidations can provide opportunities to streamline institutional operating models, either by becoming affiliation ready or by developing a strategy to acquire another asset. When an institution is ready to consider this significant step, we assess its capacity to leverage an affiliation, operating agreement, or full merger with other organizations and find opportunities to maintain unique strengths and mission in the face of change.

Transformative Fundraising

Our transformative fundraising service focuses on top-of-the-pyramid philanthropy. AGBIS assists institutions in identifying big institutional giving needs and ideas—those that promise and support long-term growth and prosperity. Our experts then connect these big ideas to the approximately two percent of investor donors, who may or may not have previously contributed to the institution but who share similar aspirations. Along the way, our consultants address the issues of transformative planning, dormant investment opportunities, and building the case for support to achieve fundraising success.

New Delivery Models and Technology

Leveraging technology as part of a blended academic offering can provide institutions with an opportunity to lower costs and diversify revenue. New delivery models and technology consulting helps our partners evaluate current systems, identify new opportunities and creative solutions, and implement new initiatives to enhance their competitive position in the digital era. AGBIS can offer institutions alternative approaches without relying upon expensive long-term commitments.

Cost Containment and Realignment

A cost containment review examines current practices and moves an institution from a reactionary model to a strategic approach to their financial model. Consulting services center around helping our partners assess their current cost allocation and expenditure situations, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement initiatives and strategies to enhance efficiency. By diving deep into the intricacies of the institution’s operating procedures and academic programming, AGBIS will identify opportunities for lowering costs as part of a comprehensive approach to cost effective operations.