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Service Areas

Revenue Growth and Diversification

This process seeks to generate additional revenues for institutions. Through a three-step system (diagnostics, exploration, and implementation), our consultants identify key building blocks for revenue. These revenue-generation ideas align institutional mission and strengths with the macro trends shaping higher education and consumer behaviors. By identifying the broadest range of unmet learning needs, we shape the building blocks for your institution’s future.

Transformative Fundraising Initiatives

AGBIS assists institutions and foundations in engaging a special group of donors or partners in serious conversations about multi-million-dollar-plus gifts to support institutional mission and aspirations. To achieve this level of success, institutions must be able to offer donors investment opportunities that look and feel different from the typical request. Transformational fund-raising addresses the issues of institutional urgency, transformative planning, and building the case for support, along with implementation services.

Cost Containment

A cost containment review examines current practices and moves an institution from a reactionary model to an investment and revitalization model. By diving deep into the intricacies of the institution’s operating procedures and service policies, our consultants identify methods to contain or lower costs without limiting revenue growth.

Mergers, Consolidations, and Partnerships

Mergers, consolidations, and partnerships can provide opportunities to streamline institutional operating models. When an institution is ready to consider this significant step, we assess its capacity to leverage an affiliation, operating agreement, or full merger with other organizations and find opportunities to maintain unique strengths and mission in the face of change.

Revitalization and Expansion of Academic Programs

Understanding the macro trends shaping higher education yields academic programs that meet the needs of the evolving education consumer. Our team of academic, financial, and enrollment specialists review current programs, make recommendations for streamlining existing offerings, and develop new programs based on market trends and consumer needs.

New Delivery Models and Technology

Leveraging technology as part of a blended academic offering can provide institutions with an opportunity to lower costs and grow revenue. We evaluate systems, provide recommendations, offer creative solutions, and lead an implementation process that incorporates student learning outcomes into new delivery models for today’s changing student demographics. Our insights into delivery models can move an institution into the future without having to rely upon expensive long-term commitments.

Strategic Enrollment with Integrated Financial Models

As institutions look to balance both short and longterm fiscal effectiveness, we work to create concrete, actionable, and prioritized enrollment plans. Our methodologies include speed, service, and statistical approaches to help an institution improve student matriculation yield and net revenue per student. This process can then be leveraged to create forward-looking financial models which can provide more predictable operating results.

Tactical Implementation to Advance Strategic Plans

Institutions often create lengthy and unrealistic strategic plans. These plans do not lead institutions to change at a pace the current market requires. Working with key institutional leaders, our consultants take conceptual ideas and determine specific tactical action plans to move institutions forward.