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Strategic Process

Our consulting teams focus exclusively on the issues affecting the operational and financial stability of your institution. Our strategic process diagnoses problems and develops game-changing solutions for higher education. Equally important, our consultants are adept at helping institutions implement necessary changes.

1. Discovery

On-the-ground evaluation and diagnostic assessment of the viability of your existing institutional business model

Our consultants, with your leadership team, conduct an in-depth diagnostic review of your institution’s inner workings. This external evaluation allows institutions the opportunity for an objective third-party assessment. It’s not about finding deficiencies, but supporting the institution and identifying potential gaps in the current strategic outlook. We review strategic plans, operating budgets, and new initiatives. This work provides baseline measurements against important milestones and, most importantly, it helps fuel our unique innovation process.

2. Exploration

A mix of innovative strategies that address the specific priority areas identified in the discovery phase

Innovative solutions for tomorrow’s successful institutions are bold and not necessarily bound by tradition. What has worked in the past or what another institution is doing are considerations for those who may not have the appetite for lasting change. With AGB Institutional Strategies, your leadership team can explore multiple mission-driven options that will aid in providing renewed strength to your institution.

3. Implementation

Methodology and coaching to guide key leaders through the difficult task of implementing major change

Developing outstanding solutions is just the starting point. Most higher education consultants will consider their job complete once strategy is identified. We stand behind our recommendations with implementation support services. Our experts not only have higher education experience, but also are change experts in the field.